The Mytheresa Commitment

Planet, Talent, Product and Policy are the pillars that shape Mytheresa’s framework to address Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues; four pillars that make a difference for our company, for the industry, and for the world.

Climate change is one of the defining challenges for our planet. We are fully committed to our corporate responsibility to improve our environmental impact as a global business in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and waste, as we effortlessly bring our customers in this journey, empowering them with the knowledge and resources they need to make sustainable choices, and together, create a meaningful impact on our planet's future.

People are at the heart of our business. We drive a diverse, fair, inclusive and positive culture for our talent, partners, customers and the wider luxury industry.

We strive to be fully transparent about the ESG impact of our brands and our products. We work with our brand partners and experts to help drive transparency, and to support animal welfare, responsible sourcing and the circular economy, promoting a culture of responsible consumption throughout our value chain.

We commit to the highest standards across our corporate culture, corporate governance and digital operations, including data management, corporate conduct and unwavering compliance with our policies.

Sustainability is a journey, not an end state; it’s about practices, not just goals. In a world where environmental, social and governance concerns are becoming more urgent than ever, we want to grow our business in the most sustainable way. Each of the deeply intertwined four pillars pave the way for our continuous profitable and responsible growth, as we build on our ongoing efforts to create a positive impact in our industry and on our planet.

This is our vision and framework to achieve our bigger purpose.
This is the Mytheresa Commitment.


The Mytheresa Management Board
October 5, 2023

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