In the historic town of Vigevano, once known as the shoe capital of Italy, Erideno Pizzetti launched a range of hand-crafted leather footwear for babies in 1966. Drawing inspiration from the onomatopoeic word commonly used by children to describe shoes, he named the brand PèPè.

Today, PèPè has perfected the art of blending tradition and modernity with high-quality craftsmanship and digitally-honed designs. Their time-honored processes have been passed down across Pizzetti's generations and are as enduring as the fun-sized shoes themselves.

Floral-appliqué suede sandals | PèPè
Baby leather shoes | PèPè
Available sizes:EU 17EU 18EU 19EU 20EU 21


From decades of fine craftsmanship, PèPè has become a go-to name for comfortable footwear styles well-loved by little ones. Their design range has gradually expanded to include casual slip-on styles and playtime-ready sandals, all made through traditional techniques.

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