Flat ankle boots


Flat ankle boots for women have gone through many a phase, but it has been mostly uphill. Trending some years ago (possibly pushing a decade) the ankle boot was like a cool-kid nod to those in the know. They were hard to find, whispered about in Isabel Marant circles and mostly seen on the extensively long legs of models and editors. Although this is always the way the most hyped things start, it wasn't very practical when the demand outweighed the supply.  

They finally hit a broader demographic and merged into the mainstream, which pushed designers to re-invent the flat ankle boot and how we wear them. This process was the birth of a plethora of styles, everything from Western to biker, ballet, low ankles, high ankles, sparkled – we could keep going for quite a long time. The aftereffect of this proliferation of designs, was that it put the flat ankle boot back into its own little chic cliques again. Are you the kind to wear flat Chelsea boots with jodhpur-style pants, an enormous men's tailored shirt and a sprinkle of diamonds? Maybe, but you may also have joined the artistic pack with lace-up black flat ankle boots and a floral dress. Women's flat ankle boots are much like the women who wear them, diverse, intriguing, practical, impractical and sometimes polarising.


We have long envied our male counterparts ability to everyday be able to put on a nice snuggly pair of cotton socks. This predicament must have gone through a few rather important stylists minds because the emergence of the humble sock is no longer a distant dream. How does this ever relate to ladies flat ankle boots do you ask? Well, this is where it gets interesting. Vetements was probably, once again, responsible for the impossible, putting together branded socks high-to-the-thigh or your regular school style with ankle boots. The result? Great. We then observed how this particular combination crept into editorials of our favorite magazines. It got us thinking, wouldn't it be fun to wear a bare leg, socks and flat black ankle boots this summer? We imagine ourselves flitting around town in the body of Anja Rubik (a big fan of the flat ankle boot, may we add) like we were doing a runway show for Jacquemus shoes.


This season is about pushing the boundaries of what's correct and incorrect. Layering has hit its most creative phase, and this factor certainly doesn't stop at the feet. So you can take the classics, a flat suede ankle boot or a Chelsea, and look at it in a brand new light. We love that women are experimenting with full-length jeans, gasp, and a pointed-toe flat ankle boot. Or elegant classics like a shiny buckled flat ankle boot worn very dressed up, with an evening gown. It has a classic Jeanne Damas vibe with a modern twist, which we have to mention is very 'Paris' right now. Tod's has taken this, and made it lovably Italian. Two examples took our fancy with a car shoe-inspired ankle-boot and a penny loafer that merges into an ankle boot. Innovation at its very best.

Nobody is complaining if you'd prefer to stick with the winning team. Jimmy Choo flat ankle boots, the biker in particular, and leather skinnies, is as cool as it has ever been, it also takes the fuss out of dressing when you need to just nail the look. The same goes for brown suede ankle boots by Isabel Marant. Add to her flirty miniskirts and a denim shirt and you have a perfect look for balmy sunset drinks with friends. As flat shoes continue to reign strong, both on the runway and on our feet, we continue to rejoice.

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