After Sale Service

Has an item you bought from Mytheresa become damaged after use because of a manufacturing fault or production defect?
With our After Sale Service, we aim to help you find the best solution for your beloved luxury piece. We first ask you to submit a request with detailed information.
Our experts will take care of your request, and will examine your item to determine if and how we can assist you as part of our After Sale Service.
Fill out our mobile-friendly After Sale Service Request form by clicking on the button below.


To start the process, we will ask you to share some information with us, including the order number, item number (optional), and a description of the defect.
Our experts will need to see pictures of your item in order to assess any defects. We will ask you to upload photos, including a view of the entire item and a clear close-up of the damaged area. As an optional step, you can also upload a short video of your item. You can do all of this easily using your phone.
That's all! Once you have submitted your request to us, our experts will analyze your damaged item and provide initial feedback based on the information you shared.
When can I make an After Sale Service Request?

An After Sale Service Request can be made when you have received a flawless item, but a manufacturing fault or production defect appears after some time of use. It only applies to items that have been worn (i.e. with tags no longer attached), and that are still valid under the EU Guarantee (i.e. it has been less than 24 months since you received the item). An exchange or return can be made for unworn items with tags still attached within 30 days of receipt.

What do I need to provide to make an After Sale Service Request?

We kindly ask you to provide us the following information:

  • Photos of the damaged item. This includes a photo of the whole item, a close-up of the damaged area and, for the shoes category, a photo of the soles. As an optional step, you can also upload a video of the item to give our experts an even better view of the item's defect(s).

  • The order number. You can find this in your order confirmation email, or in the "My Orders" section of our website.

  • The item number. You can find this in your order confirmation email, or in the "My Orders" section of our website. The item number is a string of 9 characters, beginning "P00".

  • The email address associated with the order number.

What kind of damage does the EU guarantee cover?

Coverage under the EU Guarantee includes:

  • Repair or replacement of damaged metal parts (e.g. chains, clasps, eyelets, screws, rivets, carabiners, ring or chain links, press studs, magnets and other hardware)

  • Repair or replacement of bag handles, straps, leather tongue flaps and tabs

  • Repair or replacement of seams or zippers

  • Repair or replacement of decorative detailing/ornaments

What kind of damage does the EU guarantee not cover?

The EU guarantee does not apply:

  • To items that have been improperly stored or used (e.g. the care instructions have not been followed; there is accidental damage or wear and tear; the item has been dropped or been subject to impact; the item has been used negligently or abnormally).

  • To the repair or replacement of damages caused by external events, such as fire and floods.

  • To the repair or replacement of items that have been subject to alterations by a 3rd party other than Mytheresa or the brand responsible for the item.

  • In the event of the impossibility to repair or replace any parts covered by the EU guarantee, particularly when the parts needed are unavailable.

What happens if my After Sale Service Request is accepted?

If in-house repair is not possible, you will be able to choose between a repair of the item by the brand, a refund of the item cost to your original payment method, store credit (equal to the item cost) to spend at Mytheresa or, if we still have the item in stock, an exchange.

How long will it take to repair my item?

This depends on the severity of the damage. It can take a varied period of time, depending on whether the item can be repaired in-house by Mytheresa, or needs to be repaired by the brand. Our in-house repairs (e.g. restitching; button replacements) take a maximum of 1 week. Repairs by a brand can take several months.

How long does it take to receive spare parts?

This depends on how fast the brand replies to our request, and whether they have the spare parts in stock.

General Care Instructions

The following link contains information on how to help reduce water consumption and chemical pollution when caring for garments purchased at Mytheresa. Please follow the instructions provided only if they comply with the garments' care labels:

General Care Instructions


Due to a high amount of requests, we might take a few days to get back to you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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