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The New Society

The New Society is on a mission to inspire positivity in young minds. The kidswear label views its clothing as a manifesto of sorts, signaling brighter days ahead in which consciousness and kindness are the building blocks of society.

Launched in 2019, The New Society is rooted in the core values of founder Estefanía Grandío’s career: consciousness, timelessness and sustainability. Its designs incorporate recycled and sustainable materials, and are made in GOTS-certified workshops in Spain and Portugal. The result? Stylish pieces that have minimum impact on the environment but maximum impact on the playground.

The New Society

The New Society inspires positivity in young minds. Statement designs such as the Leah denim jacket and Hibiscus swimsuit are made from sustainable materials in GOTS-certified workshops, which means they'll have minimum impact on the planet but maximum impact on the playground.

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