Designer T-Shirts are the easiest way to transfer the luxury of high fashion clothing into everyday life. The soft material is easy on the skin, and the unique design and perfect fit make runway-worthy T-shirts the highlights of your wardrobe. Wear them every day with your casual day-to-day outfits or use them with a certain rock-chic styling, perfect for the ultimate fashion statement or a glam party all night long. This wardrobe staple comes in so many different styles – the possibilities are endless.

As with many of today’s fashion essentials, the designer T-shirt has a history as a worker’s uniform. First, it was the navy that discovered the advantages of the simple piece of clothing. Then, like now, it was the ease and comfort that proved most impressive. Designers love to use the plain top as a projection screen for their latest inspirations, motifs and ideas. One thing is for sure: the T-shirt will always be a cool and easy option for every day. Printed, embellished or just a plain black T-shirt – the choice is yours. Mytheresa has put together the latest, trendiest T-shirts for you to discover the unbelievable versatility of just one garment.


A plain white T-shirt is the must-have for every woman, so much is for sure. We are not talking about the underwear-like style but about the ones with a designer edge. A white T-shirt with logo print, smart details and sophisticated design will be your denim’s new best friend. Go for a white and blue striped T-shirt if you love to follow the maritime trend.

Besides white, there are plenty of other color options to choose from on Mytheresa. For a chic and simple basic see Gucci T-shirts. The easy grey printed T-Shirt with star motif is the perfect choice for relaxing days and stress-free nights. Another essential: a high-quality black T-shirt. If you like to have full styling flexibility, choose a plain and chic one and combine it with whatever you feel like. For an outstanding look, opt for a real statement designer T-shirt that features skulls, logotype or graphic print. Always a good choice: a simple but telling Saint Laurent's T-shirt. Just through it on, add some designer skinny jeans and heels and you are done. When you are a rather color-loving type, then Mytheresa selected a carefully assorted choice of pink, orange or red T-shirts to crash your wardrobe.

Polo T-shirts are an equal must-have. They instantly create a preppy look without appearing too conservative. For a fresh-off-the-catwalk outfit, opt for a Balmain T-shirt. The light pink cotton designer polo puts a special twist to the classy, sporty design and the tiger embellishment identifies you as a real fashion expert.


It doesn’t need much more for a trend-setting outfit than cool T-shirts that express your fashion sense. To make your styling really easy Mytheresa assembled the latest designer pieces and trendy T-shirts that are comfy and stylish at the same time.

The floral T-shirt by Givenchy is equally simple and beautiful. The powerful flower print is contrasted by the black basic color. For an elegant daywear or even for a simple evening outfit this Givenchy T-Shirt should be your first choice. Another best buy by the designer: the iconic printed T-Shirt with cute and playful Bambi on it. This top works as a fashion ID and combines the luxury of high-quality T-shirts with a funny and feminine touch. Same holds true for the casual polka-dot T-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana. Printed with a pin-up design the Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt will catch every eye and will become your favorite basic for an easy look. You are having a hard time deciding? In this case, Mytheresa has the perfect designer top to suit your feelings. See Kenzo’s cool T-Shirt design with ‘Oui’ and ‘Non’ prints. With this timeless staple, the answer will always be both.

Linen, long or logo designer T-shirt? Shop whatever you feel like and what suits your personal style best. With ladies T-shirts on Mytheresa you cannot go wrong. Why? Because they are super hot now and one day you can even call them vintage.

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