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Leather pants


Skinny leather pants are a magic weapon when your wardrobe is splayed behind you on the bed, a result of trying on at least eighty percent of its contents, including items you were sure you've thrown out already. When it's creeping towards the pulling-your-hair-and-screaming point, and you’re dangerously contemplating not leaving the house at all, you've hit the 'I need a miracle' point. Here is a scenario that everybody, and it doesn't discriminate, goes through.

We all, us included, aim for fail-safe shopping, it’s a ratio game. Thirty percent day-to-day clothes, work clothes that make us happy, confident, more likely to wake up on Monday. Even Anna Dello Russo has this section. Twenty percent weekend clothes that range from designer sportswear, casual dinner attire, to weekends-in-the-countryside designer cashmere jumpers. Twenty percent of fashion that generates uncontrollable excitement, the kind of runway pieces that have little practicality but make your heart sing. Ten percent awkward occasion wear, conservative weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christenings, dinner with your in-laws and so on. Now, the fail-safe percentage! Twenty percent of your wardrobe that, if you had five minutes to get dressed for a hot date, you'd go to first.  Leather pants are the strangest of companions, as they cater for almost all aspects of your life, except maybe the awkward occasions. They are a best friend that only needs dry-cleaning in return. For work, designer culottes worn with a designer shirt and paired with a variety of designer blazers works perfectly. Weekends are super enjoyable when hanging out with your leather skinny jeans, or designer leggings, designer trainers, a sloppy hoodie or designer designer sweatshirt. We guarantee that every fashion season will do at least one pair of leather pants that would make your heart ache if you didn’t buy them. The pièce de résistance, a pair of leather pants that feel like they were made especially for you. Leather that hugs in all the right places, that goes with all of your shoes, that boosts your superb conversational skills and makes you look like you arrived on your own plane. It’s the fail-safe women's leather trousers that have almost replaced the cool girl’s little black dress. 


The fit is obviously the most important, and nobody knows how you want your leather pants to feel and the shapes that work best for your body better than yourself. Leather leggings will fit, quite literally, like a second skin. Designer stouls strike a nice balance, super soft and very slim to the leg, but with enough texture and movement to show the beauty of the leather itself. They also do a crazy big selection, so you have ions of colours and shapes to fit the occasion, and the body. Isabel Marant clothing, reigning cool-girl queen of fashion, has a very unique cut in her designer skinny pants. Either firm around the waist with a little space in the thigh and ankle, suede leggings that are cut more like designer pants, or super high-waisted leather pants that hug the hips and are quite slim all the way down. Her range always strikes a cord with us, obviously gorgeous, but it has this effortless wearability factor that Parisians do so well.

We could not talk about ladies leather pants without talking about Balenciaga clothing. Being one of, if not the first, to do black leather leggings, Balenciaga have collected such a die-hard following for their designer sport leggings, we could imagine protests on the streets if they one day disappeared. Sleek is the best way to describe them, cut very close to the body with a buttery leather that moulds instantaneously. The Balenciaga leather leggings are a basic ingredient to put with almost anything, and could in our opinion, save you for that hot date. So if you took nothing else from this other than the importance of having at least one pair of black leather pants in your wardrobe, than we have done our good fashion deed of the day.

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