Marie Lichtenberg

Inspired by her mother, Marie Lichtenberg’s passion for jewelry started at a young age. She draws on her family roots to design meaningful heirlooms destined to be treasured and handed down for generations. Each piece in Lichtenberg's collection tells a unique story, carrying timeless value and emotional significance.

Exploring the symbolism of jewelry across different cultures – from Creole to Indian tradition – the label offers an arsenal of joyful designs handcrafted by skilled artisans. Expect mood-lifting hues, precious gemstones, and 18th-century-inspired lockets engraved with sentimental mottos in both English and French.

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Marie Lichtenberg

A profound fascination with the symbolic significance of jewelry fuels Marie Lichtenberg's vision. From striking gold chains to engraved locket clasps, explore a selection of exquisitely handmade heirlooms.

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