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Area founders Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk were raised in the pop culture of the early 2000s. The pair named their label after the iconic Manhattan nightclub, making it their mission to dress women so that they would never have to wait in line.

It didn’t take Area long to amass a long list of celebrity clients, and media attention is part of the brand DNA. Deeper than this, however, is the founders’ commitment to inclusiveness: everyone is invited to the party. At Area, you can expect denim, tweed and lashings of crystals – all the ingredients needed for a night out.

New Arrival
Crystal-embellished chain belt | Area
New Arrival
Crystal Star earrings | Area


New York label Area is a product of pop culture. Named after the famed Manhattan nightclub, Area offers designs in denim and tweed with lashings of crystals – everything needed to inspire a playful mood.

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