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Two-inch heels: not a term that usually equates with glamour and high fashion. Alas, this is the most radical change in recent fashion history. Not only are medium heels the epitome of chic, but they are also changing our perspective on the term 'sexy'. Let’s take a character like Alexa Chung, a formidable favourite and avid fan of the flat pump. Her brand is built on the opposite of Hollywood glamour, and unlikely enough, has become another kind of Hollywood glamour. Three-inch heels, a term that used to be the 'scientific name' for work shoes, is no longer associated with the same gloom of practicality that hovered above it before. Clearing the heavy clouds of average, designers who sent models storming down the runway in very low-heeled pumps, followed not-so-incidentally on the feet of fashion’s elite, caught strolling boulevards the world around. Was it because women protested? That would be a nice sentiment, but maybe not a true one in this case. Was it Gucci's geek-chic revolution? That’s too recent. Miuccia Prada's cyclical love of Mary Jane heels? Not quite. We can only come to the conclusion that Valentino Garavani Pumps ankle-tied, round-toe, low block-heel pumps were the break-through, strengthened by the accompanying street style attention and love on Instagram. And oh do we love them, in every shade of every color! Those elegant, leg-lengthening, wear-to-every-occasion shoes have had our heart for multiple seasons: we think we’re in love.  


But that’s not to say we will stay faithful. Miu Miu has us completely distracted with their pink lace-up, medium-heel shoes. That’s not to mention the pompoms, the glitter, the miss-matching fabric ankle ties. It’s a steamy affair just waiting to happen. Speaking of which, the house of Roger Vivier (Roger Henri Vivier was ironically the creator of the stiletto heel, using a thin rod of steel) has become known as the elegant choice when lowering your heel height. The lengthened, close-to-the-foot shapes allow mid heels to do the same magic as their higher relatives. Ferragamo has long been the master of long legs, low heels. The studied shape of the classic low to mid-heel pump has changed very little through many decades, yet still remains in vogue – like any good relationship should.


How we had gone so long without this style in the forefront of fashion is beyond belief. The Haute Couture houses of Paris always had a pointed toe and medium heel to accompany the 'new look'. Why did it disappear, almost completely, from high fashion for so long? We believe that with the changing shapes that are now the height of chic again – mid-length skirts, ankle-baring pants, waist-tied jackets: styles that were born from late ‘50s Balenciaga and Dior – have lowered our heels to suit our new silhouettes. That or maybe we’re just getting taller? Whatever the cause, we are happy with the result!  And, we know you are too, we can hear your rejoices from all over the world, loud and clear at our office. That’s probably why we have such a broad and diverse selection, which grows even bigger with each season that passes.


If you’re keeping it classic with navy trousers and flat black pumps then perfect, Prada would approve! If you’re joining Gucci's geek-chic revival, you'll have plenty of fans. If you still want to wear a miniskirt and heels, Gianvito Rossi has mid-heels that will work perfectly. Designers might be making the calls, but our feet are sure of what they want. This season try the mini shift dress and low-heeled pumps for that Jackie Onassis charm, or your cropped flared jeans and a pair of Gucci Mary Jane heels for really impressing the cool kids. For work, a pointed-toe, two-inch pump, a below-the-knee pencil skirt and a micro polo knit should do the trick. We may love our ten-inch stilettos, but in all honesty, we don’t miss them quite yet.

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