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Suede ankle boots | Moon Boot
Available sizes:EU 36EU 39EU 42
Moon Boot
Light Low Icon Evolution snow boots | Moon Boot
Moon Boot

Winter arrives and with it an assortment of consolation prizes are duly delivered, a sort of recovery package for a summer no longer. Away go the bikinis, the beach holidays, things made of Raffia, Moroccan sandals, ice cream and sit-ups. This seasonal package is a larger bundle, made to withstand a long season of sometimes the snowy or slushy variety, other times clear and crisp or just grey and wet. We put on the fire, light luxurious candles, have morning baths, drink tea inside with the newspaper, bake dessert or simply just eat dessert. We get disproportionately excited about Christmas decorations, melted cheese and romantic comedies and we host elaborately planned dinner parties.

But mostly we get excited about fashion. Winter fashion. Tis the season to get excited about shopping. Winter is about buying well-made lasting luxury, creating complicated silhouettes, brave colour combinations and really flexing some sartorial muscle. It’s also about wearing appropriate winter shoes, and those appropriate shoes (here is the challenge) being fabulous. Some days you’ll need boots that stop far beyond your knees, other days you need boots that stop before, but most days you’ll need a pair of winter ankle boots. The reason for this simple, designer ankle boots regardless of the season, go with just about everything in your wardrobe.


Obviously when it's freezing one must consider the warmth of toes, and for this no other shoe can compete with fur-lined ankle boots! Moon boots are always the first snuggly shoe that comes to mind, nobody can fight that form of comfort on a snowy day. Seeing Gisele Bündchen stroll through hyde park in leggings and ugg ankle boots was all that we needed to take them to the streets, and commit on the cuddly look as regular part of our daytime style.

When it rains UGGs aren’t always the best companion, for these conditions you need wellies, and the ankle height variety are a little more city appropriate. Ankle boots with fur now come in astonishingly varied guises, mostly due to their popularity and increasing demand. Anything from neat patent brogues to heels and of course the classic lace-up hiking boot can be found in the category of fur ankle boots. This also means that your feet can be warm whether you're wearing a suit, a dress or your pajamas.


Balenciaga is very rarely blamed for being practical, but on closer inspection their collections are often fiercely wearable and gasping horror, very practical. For the winter ankle boot, we think Balenciaga does the most elegant of everyday shoes. Balenciaga’s new sock like winter ankle boots have a low wedge sole of rubber that combats slippery sidewalks and stealth style in a swift swoop! The neat close-to-the-ankle shape is a refreshingly feminine take on utility and has been a handy addition to our work wardrobes. Moncler and Jimmy Choo take the cake for après ski chic, so much so that this style has spilled over from the alps onto fashionable boulevards the world around.

Bottega Veneta has come up with a classic lace-up style that has a delicate touch, the kind of boot you’d feel comfortable wearing whilst sipping hot chocolate in posh bistros. Isabel Marant conceals the heel, with her seasonal staple that hybrids a ski boot and a moccasin, resulting in a hip urban shoe for when the temperature starts to dip. See by Chloé does adorable famously well.

For weekend getaways to Scotland or shopping expeditions on Saturdays their shearling trimmed boot is a cute solution. We imagine you’ve already started the quest for winter perfection. Cashmere capes are added to baskets, Fendi fur is seriously thought over, tights are sorted into colors, felt hats are experimented with and darker hair colors are discussed amongst girlfriends. All wonderful steps for winter preparation but you mustn't forget the shoe! No outfit will come together with the wrong shoe, no outfit should have toes that are blue, a Mytheresa moral code. Put on that fire, make that hot cup of tea, light your luxurious candle, cuddle up under a cashmere blanket and get comfortable perusing our winter care-package. That's what we will be doing.

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