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working here

We have a vision: to become number one in Europe. However, we do not want to have to compromise our philosophy, but rather underscore it and work with it.

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In addition to our very successful business model, it is the dedication and commitment of the people that work at that makes the difference and significantly adds to our success.

The people

Our team has grown to over 200 ambitious colleagues, whose backgrounds include various academic and occupational fields and a great diversity of nationalities. They are specialists in their field, have a practical hands-on mentality, and are all team players who are driven and work to bring this company together in order to reach our goals, which tactically combine high-end fashion, luxury, and ecommerce.

Our business is built on the foundations of an impeccable sense for trends as well as a unique edit of designers and products. A marketing and branding specialist, Jens Riewenherm has led brand development and the company’s creative departments since the beginning of 2012. Dr Thomas Müller – formerly a consultant at McKinsey – has used his level-headed analytical skills since 2008 to ensure excellent operations and the company’s steady development.

Our collective goal is to continuously provide excellence to all of our customers.

Working here

We're growing. Fast.

Thus, the challenge is to successfully merge various tasks, perspectives, and ideas. In order to do so it is necessary to have a clear objective and a solid structure, which we have. However, it is also important that the spirit and the creativity of prevail. We want to make sure that working here is and stays fun. We want to give diverse personalities and ideas enough room to develop and expand and to be open to letting these ideas get implemented. It is also important for us to support each and every one of our employees individually and to facilitate and promote their skills and talents. This is the framework for improving our business and solidifying our company.