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growing with us

We want to improve each team by hiring the best people that we can find, professionally as well as personally.

These ideal candidates will embody a passion for, will show that they personally fit in here, and that they have the greatest potential for fulfilling the allotted task. The last point signifies that the requirements of each individual task will be developed and executed as precisely and thoroughly as possible.

At, this practice is governed by a form of “coaching on the job” and, if applicable, through professional training tailored to each individual occupation and position.

It is important to us that you can actively take your personal development within this company into your own hands. You will always know what is being asked of you and what your position in the company is. In order to ensure that this is the case, each employee receives feedback on his or her performance in the form of an annual meeting with their supervisor, in which their performance thus far will be discussed. This allows us to not only help you target and develop your skills and to continue to progress personally, but it also allows you to get to know your strengths and also weaknesses, so that you can move forward personally as well as to apply yourself and move ahead at Moving ahead does not necessarily mean getting a promotion, but can also evolve into an internal change of positions and thus, help you gain a novel professional perspective by breaching into a new vocational field and following your own personal interests. If one of our employees expresses that they would like to apply for a different position within the company, we would be more than happy to support them in doing so, as long as their potential and qualifications are a match and a vacancy is available. On some occasions we actively support internal migration in that we prefer not to risk losing great employees for the sake of maintaining a rigid structure.