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The wishlist is a great opportunity to keep a list of your favourite items and to track the availability of your personal must-haves.
It just takes one click to place an item from your wishlist in your shopping bag.
Thanks to our "Alert" system, you will be automatically updated on the status of your favourite items:

• "Back in Stock" alert: informs you when your favourite item(s) have been restocked in your size
• "Last Piece" alert: lets you know when there is only one item left
• "Sale" alert: notifies you when the item goes on sale

These alerts have been activated automatically to make sure you stay informed on the status of your favourite items.
You can also activate or deactivate alerts for each individual item and at the bottom of the page you can change your notification settings.

You can also share your wishlist with your friends and family by entering their email addresses in the given field or posting your list on your social network accounts.

Please note that the wishlist feature will not hold items for you, nor does it guarantee that given articles will be back in stock.